Longtime Lawful Permanent Residents’ 212(c) Waivers Granted

In the month of September we successfully defended two lawful permanent residents who were in removal proceedings because of old criminal convictions. Because both of the cases involved pre-1996 criminal convictions, our clients were able to apply for relief pursuant to former section 212(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, otherwise known as a 212(c) waiver. Winning a 212(c) waiver case requires convincing an immigration judge that the hardships of removal and the equities of allowing the applicant to remain in the US as a lawful permanent resident outweigh the negative factors. We worked with our clients to present evidence of their lengthy residence in the United States, their extensive family ties to this country, their history of employment, service to the community and rehabilitation and reform. They gathered supportive declarations from friends family members and family photos. We collected tax returns and letters from employers. We also held mock hearings and had our clients practice their testimony. In the end, our hard work paid off and both clients’ applications were granted. Their greencards were returned and they can go on with their lives as lawful permanent residents of this country.

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