USCIS Approves O-1 Visa Extension for Renowned Italian Sculptor

This month USCIS approved the extension of Oriano Galloni’s O-1 visa petition as a Sculptor of extraordinary ability. We recently paid tribute to Oriano’s magnificent sculptures in our January 2011 Newsletter. USCIS has again recognized that Oriano continues to be one of the world’s leading marble sculptors. Galloni’s innovative sculptures, some of which reach heights [...]

Italian Tennis Player, Stefano Ianni, obtains P-1 visa as a Professional Athlete

Congratulations to Italian Tennis Player, Stefano Ianni, for the recent approval of his P-1 visa as a Professional Tennis Player. Issue:   Ianni has been traveling back and forth between the U.S. and Italy on a B-1 visitor’s visa, competing in ITF Futures tennis matches on the Men’s Professional Circuit in the U.S. In the beginning [...]

Extraordinary Ability Petition Approved for French Creative Director

Congratulations to Alain Castoriano! We just received word that USCIS approved his petition for permanent residency as a creative director of extraordinary ability. Alain is one of the top creative directors in France and Europe. He has designed and branded advertising campaigns for some of the world’s most elite companies, including Christian Dior, Piaget, Guerlain, [...]

Michelle Sapene — O-1 Individual of Extraordinary Ability

Congratulations to Michelle Sapene!  USCIS approved her O-1 visa petition and thereby affirmed what many Venezuelan’s already know . . . that she is a talent of extraordinary ability. Michelle is one of the leading television entertainers in Venezuela. She made her television debut in 2000 when she was only nineteen years old. Since then, [...]

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