Julie Ferguson PA is leading firm in the EB-5 practice field. The firm serves as counsel to regional centers and developers advising and preparing successful applications for new regional centers and exemplar petitions for regional center projects.

EB-5 Services for Developers

Our EB-5 team provides the following services to developers and project managers seeking to raise

EB-5 capital:

  • Advise on legal issues and USCIS policies relating to EB-5
  • Review and advise on EB-5 project business plans
  • Review and advise on economic report relating to job creation, tea and regional center geography
  • Review and advise on marketing plan
  • Review and advise on EB-5 immigration law issues in securities and corporate documentation
  • Obtain and review documentation of targeted employment areas, if applicable
  • Prepare private placement memoranda, limited partnership agreements, operating agreements, subscription agreements and escrow agreements as necessary
  • review regional center affiliation agreements and other third party agreements
  • prepare and file exemplar I-526 petitions
  • prepare and file template for investors’ I-526 petitions

EB-5 Services for Regional Centers

For those who are interested in being in the business of running a regional center, we offer the following services:

  • Prepare and file applications for regional center designation or amendments to regional center designations
  • Assist in the preparation of investor suitability questionnaires
  • Field questions from marketing agents
  • Develop appropriate systems and policies
  • Provide advice on various escrow issues
  • Prepare I-526 template packages
  • Develop systems to track data for prospective investors, I -526 filings, I -829 filings, requests for evidence and approvals
  • Respond to requests for additional evidence
  • Develop systems to track dates for filing condition of removal petitions, age-out dates for children
  • Develop systems and methodologies to monitor job creation and to collect documents necessary to prepare the I -829 petitions for removal of conditions
  • Advise on the various issues that may present themselves with respect to material change, delays in job creation
  • Represent project developers who wish to affiliate with the regional center
  • Conduct diligence screening of investors and respond to investors’ immigration-related questions
  • Review investors’ source of funds
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